PLTCI Produces New RMTs & RPHs

TWO DEPARTMENTS OF PLTCI PRODUCE new professionals after the Medical Technology and Pharmacy Licensure Examinations on March 13-14 and August 3 – 4, 2019, respectively.

The College of Medical Laboratory Science got a 68.45% and 56.25% overall national rating and overall school performance, respectively.

The newly Registered Medical Technologists are Norlaila M. Ampay, Joenna Lie M. Blanche, Loida N. Bulga, Sheryl B. Buyuccan, Ma. Elena E. Inociaan, Lovely Jane I. Lagmay, Ray Julius S. Laguda, Blademary G. Macaraeg and Sunshine Mae A. Macasu.

The College of Pharmacy also gave pride to PLTCI as they produced five newly Registered Pharmacists (RPh) with a 69.52% National Rating wherein 42.86% were first-takers.

The list of the newly RPh are as follows: April Joy C. Cervantes, Musferah U. Liling, Kate Lorraine A. Mercado, Kimberly B. Molina and Jester Jake B. Sales

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