Doctor of Medicine

The Doctor of Medicine Program

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program is a four years program following an undergraduate degree.

The first two years of the program focuses on building the foundations of medicine. The core subjects teach the normal structures and functions of the human body both macro and microscopically and biochemical functions, followed by abnormal structures and function and biochemical changes in disease processes.

The second year also introduces students to the basics of clinical sciences, where students start applying the basic sciences in diagnosing and treating diseases. The third year dives further deep into the clinical sciences.

The fouth year consists of a 12 month clinical clerkship, where students are rotated across the major specialties in the teaching hospital.

Major Areas

Basic Sciences

Clinical Sciences

Clinical Clerkship

If you’re service minded individual with a compassionate heart, The PLTCI Doctor of Medicine program is definitely for you. PLTCI focuses on training compassionate doctors who will treat their patients with care and respect.

  • Students will have their clinical rotation in the Government Hospital which is the largest Government Hospital in the region and is more than 100 years old. The hospital was established in 1911 and it is now an ISO certified hospital.

Affliated Hospitals

  • Region II Trauma and Medical Center (National Government)
  • Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Government Hospital.
  • PLTCI Louis A Tiam Medical Center
  • Paulino J. Garcia Hospital Memorial Research and Medical Center (National Government)

Contact Info

College of Medicine

PLTCI Campus
Brgy. Bascaran, Solano
Nueva Vizcaya


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Clinical Practice

Why PLTCI is the best option for Medicine?

The college was established more than 30 years ago. PLT Colleges Inc., offers courses in all major education sectors including medicine. Advanced lab amenities, State of the art facilities, friendly faculty, highly equipped government hospitals and skilled staffs are just a few reasons to choose PLTCI.

PLT also hosts the first and the only Medical College in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines that is accredited by both CHED and listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

State of the Art Facilities

PLT College of Medicine (Asia Pacific College of Medicine and Research) is a student-centered Medical College located in a resort campus.

  • Advanced curriculum with ideal faculty-to-student ratio
  • Clinically oriented and problem-based method and traditional method combined teaching and learning.
  • 3D Anatomy Lab, Cadavers for dissection; Separate laboratories for Biochemistry, Microbiology and Clinical Skills.
  • Spacious & well equipped library.

Development of Clinical Skills

PLTCI acknowledges faculty as one of the biggest contributing factors for quality education. And standing by that, the college has some of the best teaching faculty in various sub-domains of medicine and nothing beats learning by doing.

PLTCI’s students acquire their clinical skills at,

  • Region II Trauma and Medical Center – National Government Hospital,
  • Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Government Hospital.
  • PLTCI Louis A Tiam Medical Center

Excellence in Research

PLTCI Asia Pacific College of Medicine & Research gives a great deal of importance to research in the field of medicine in both preclinical understanding and clinical and therapeutic reserches.

Medical students at PLTCI also will be trained to become excellent researchers, scientists who will further the longevity of humans significantly. Research are such as but not limited to molecular Biology, immunology, Neuroscience, Therapeutics and Technology in Medical Practice.

Year-wise Subjects





Human Anatomy

Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Medicine II



General & Clinical Pathology

Pediatrics II



Medicine I

Surgery II

General Surgery

Preventive Medicine I

Pediatrics I



Research I & Medical Informatics

Surgery I


Community Medicine

Patient-Doctor Relationship


Research III


History and Perspective of Medicine &

Human Life Cycle

Microbiology and Immunology








Preventive Medicine II

Gynecology and Women’s Health



Research II


Family Medicine (Elective) *



Preventive Medicine III

Clinical Pathology (Elective) *



Legal and Forensic Medicine & Med Jurisprudence




Bioethics II


The Curriculum at PLTCI College of Medicine is designed with care, considering the aspects of rapid modernization in the field of Medicine, technologic inclusions and international competitiveness.

Join the PLTCI College of Medicine Family to accomplish beyond your dreams of becoming a doctor.